Blood Lad Episode 9 English Sub

September 1, 2013

Upon arriving at the Acropolis Palace, Braz has a flashback whereby he witnessed the death of his father, the previous king, at the hand of present Acropolis King: Wolf-Daddy. Meanwhile Knell and Fuyumi meet Bell and Staz at the Hydra Palace and realize that they know nothing about the Hydra siblings' mother: Neyn's intentions. Afterwards, Neyn has a rather heartfelt reunion with Fuyumi much to the latter's confusion while the Hydra butler explains that Braz and Neyn are acquaintances. Elsewhere, Wolf-Daddy commends Braz on his observational duties of Lower Demon World and in aiding the capture of Akim Papradon, but finds it suspicious that Akim shares the same appearance of his missing subordinate: Pantomime. Braz nonchalantly admits that he orchestrated the creation of Akim as a declaration of war against Wolf-Daddy's reign. Unbeknownst to Wolf-Daddy, Braz has Franken working on a more powerful body for Akim. Wolf-Daddy gives Braz three days by which to present his king-candidate, after which he will kill them both. Afterwards, Braz manages to escape from Beros' custody but ends up being pursued by Goyle. Meanwhile, Neyn explains the existence of doppelgängers within the Human and Demon Worlds to Staz and co. and that she encountered and fused with her own doppelgänger: Fuyumi's mother while on a trip to the Human World with a young Bell hence making the girls sisters. Elsewhere, Goyle manages to corner Braz with his Angry Spear magic and demands to know his intentions towards Wolf-Daddy. However, after deducing the nature of Goyle's magic, Staz activates his Blood Stalker magic and is able to remotely control his own blood to threaten Beros' life, prompting Goyle to back down. Finally, as Fuyumi tries to come to terms with everything that has happened to her thus far, Bell assures that once she is resurrected her memory will be erased. In the epilogue, after having been teleported to a randomly floating island within the Highway, Staz tries to determine what he really intends to do with Fuyumi before he is approached by an unknown figure. Meanwhile, after stopping Goyle's attack, Braz treats him to ice cream.